Entry #18

It's too bad you missed Fridays meeting, George. I do hope you're feeling less chicken shit better to show up tomorrow. If not, I'll know you're still afraid ill.

In other words, stop being a chicken shit. Nobody is going to kill or maim you on school grounds.
What about my knickers?

Entry # 17

Vince, are you busy? I have some... laundry and Pansy, Draco, I'd like to have some an entire bottle of firewhiskey hot cocoa with you.

Entry #16

Hmm, I'm feeling a little chilly. I think someone should come and deliver a cup of hot cocoa with a dash of whiskey and a plate of warm biscuits. Perhaps warm up my blankets and slippers by the fireplace. By then I'll be entirely too sleepy to finish my potions essay or peel all those toads and newts eyes. By hand.

I'm feeling a little bored as well. Wouldn't it be fun if someone decided to run around the school in their knickers covered in pudding and feathers with a green and silver banner that said 'I Love Snape because Slytherins are Sexy!'?

Entry #15

Hogsmeade was boring as usual. I saw George a few people around but I didn't have a chance to stop and chat.

I bought a few bottles of whiskey boxes of chocolates to share. If anyone is interested, I'll be in my room.

And by anyone, I really only mean the Slytherins and George.

Entry #14

Tracey, your lessons are coming along quite well. You're getting the hang of it. Granted, you do get distracted one too many times. I've half a mind to ban Theodore from coming to watch you practice. Soon we'll see if I've taught you well.

I want to run you through a quick drill early tomorrow morning. Don't even think of sleeping in. We can go down to Diagon Alley afterwards. I have to pick something up at one of the stores.

Entry #13

Happy Birthday my dear Pansy.

So put on your best dress because this is going to be a night you'll always remember!

I left a little something for you in your bedroom. I hope you like it.

Entry #12

Alright. Who's idea was it to drag me onto that muggle field trip? I didn't get to sneak into Diagon Alley and see George at all! I don't know what it is about muggle malls that fascinates everybody so much. And that McDonalds food place? Disgusting. I've never seen so many people scarf down so much grease and salt.

Some man approached me about a modelling job. Ugh, the man told me he worked for a linguire company called Victoria's Secret and said he really wanted me to come in next week. I've never met anyone more desperate to meet a woman that he had to go and pretend to work for a modelling company. Hah, the man said he just finished this spring/summer 1997 Collection in New York. What a hoax. While he wasn't looking, I sent a hex his way and quickly fled the scene. He could have been a mad man for Merlin's sake!

Thank Merlin we had to go return to Hogwart's right after I fled.

I'm still upset about not going in to see George.
Er- I couldn't come by to pick up that stuff from you, George Weasley. Maybe next time I'm in the area.
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Entry #11

I am not even going to acknowledge last night or the burning in my eyes from the sight of ghastly Gryffindors humping and sweating all over the place not mention Potter and Pansy.

I'm going somewhere quiet. And if you can't find me this time, tough.

I hope everyone with a hangover is enjoying the immense headache and nausea they're experiencing and I mean everyone.
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Entry #10

The last few days have been quite... eventful.

I'm not even going to touch on any of the subjects though Potter's public announcement frightens me the most. You would think his repeating Draco's name was a calming mantra of some sort. I'm fairly sure nobody is interested in your personal life Potter. Everybody knows Draco hasn't the slightest interest in you whatsoever so any rumours involving the two of you is completely senile.

Speaking of senile rumours, Fred Weasley. There's an envelope marked Death on it. It's for you.
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Entry #9

Hmm. I know there was something important happening today but I just can't remember what.

I'm kidding, Draco! How could I ever ever forget your birthday. You wouldn't let us anyway.

You can be sure of a grand celebration tonight with cakes, sweets and most importantly whiskey presents! Though I can't see how much fun we can have with this Sheegle infestation. We'll just have to make the best of it I suppose and drink lots of whiskey.
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